Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and Project 12!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday! We drove an hour north of the city to my sister's for Christmas dinner... in a snow storm! We had a fabulous time and ended up staying the night because of a sick kid. Someone in my house always ends up with some flu thing on Christmas! We've been playing with Geotrax trains since we got home today. The basement is one giant train yard. My boys absolutely love them.

I'm still working on getting my Christmas kits uploaded, once they are I'm going to have a little surprise for you! I came across something interesting on the Scrapbook & Cards Today blog. I love the idea of Project 365, where you document your daily life in photos. It can be a bit overwhelming though. So this year they are working on Project 12!! Every month they are going to post a sketches and some photo ideas to get you started too! I'm going to make a mini kit each month to go with the sketch they post, using a combination of these colors:

Here's the sketch release schedule:
January sketch and official launch: December 26th
February sketch: January 30th
March sketch and January reveal: February 27th
April sketch and February reveal: March 27th
May sketch and March reveal: April 24th
June sketch and April reveal: May 29th
July sketch and May reveal: June 26th
August sketch and June reveal: July 24th
September sketch and July reveal: August 28th
October sketch and August reveal: September 25th
November sketch and September reveal: October 30th
December sketch and October reveal: November 30th
Final album reveal and prizes: January 15th, 201

January sketch is HERE (did you notice they have prizes?!) If you join in and show me your layouts using my products, I will enter you in for prizes from me too! Happy scrapping!

Friday, December 18, 2009

So I guess you are wondering what happened to me with the Ginger Scraps design contest. I had to bow out early, I am just so busy this time of year! I've been working on some new products, I hope to get them in my store soon!

Thanks for you support!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ginger Scraps design contest

I have no idea why I'm doing another one! I guess I'm addicted! So the challenge was a kit with 6 - 10 papers and 10 - 15 elements (6 of which could have no CU stuff). The color swatch I picked was called "Fall Leaves Me Happy" so I did a Christmas kit.
It's taking forever to upload, the candy cane paper is HUGE! I will be posting the links in the Ginger Scraps gallery in the morning. Oh and the no CU stuff is the tree, Santa, Elf, striped ribbon and the 2 paper stars. There is also 3 more sheets of plain "cardstock" not in the preview. I was too tired to try rearranging the template to get it all to fit. I think I need a preview maker.... anyone game? Now I really need to get to bed! It's going to be a long day tomorrow.

OK! You can download this through the Ginger Scraps gallery (download has expired) - no voting required this time. Links will be active for a very short time, so grab it if you want it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cruise Mini

I have a new mini kit in my store, a 4x6 "postcard" kit I made for the Brownie Scraps Cruise!I also have a quick page you can pick up HERE and you can head over to Brownie Scraps to see the other entrants! There is a place to vote, but I'm not sure if there is a prize or what it is.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Chill Out - The Collection!

Chill Out - The whole collection is in my store now! It's on sale for an amazing $4.00 for this week only! This collection contains the original Chill Out as seen in the SASy Lady design contest, the freebies and a completey new set, Chill Out 2! You get a total of 21 papers and all the embellishments seen in the previews. Scroll down to see the whole collection close up, and if you missed it the first time around, you can grab the matching quick page.
You can find the whole collection in my store HERE for only $4 for this week! Click the quick page to download OR click HERE. This is the same quickpage that was available during the Stone Accents Studio SASy Lady Contest. Head over to DSA and DST for a chance for a free copy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!

I hope you all have a great weekend! We are having a big sale at Scrap Bird!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas Mini!

Good day everyone! If you signed up for the Scrap Bird newsletter, you will be getting a mini kit freebie this week! If you haven't, don't worry, I will run a contest in a couple of days. Or if you just can't wait, you can pick it up in my ScrapBird store HERE! This co-ordinates with the kit I've been working on for the Fairytale Academy at Brownie Scraps, stay tuned for more!
I have also been working on "Chill Out" part two. Watch for it by the end of this week!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New project!

So I have some good news, I was RAK'd by Rachness and am now the proud owner of her journal mats from my previous post! I can't wait to play with them! I am working on a new project, I signed up at Brownie Scraps for their Design School, Fairytale Academy. We are given a choice of pallets and we spend one week working on a componant of our kit. This week it's solid papers, here's what I've come up with so far:
I'm going to add a few more solids to this later in the week, once I decide what theme I should go with. I'm open to suggestions, if you post one, I will randomly RAK someone with the kit when it's all finished!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Very cool journal mats!

Oh I would love to be RAK'd with these! I stumbled across a blog a long time ago with the cutest doodles EVER! Her name is Rachelle, and designs under the name Rachness. Today she is offering a RAK to people who post her newest journal mats, so here they are!

These are limited edition, there are only 10 available so if you really want one for yourself you can buy them here!
If I do get the RAK, I will post a little freebie to go with my Northern Zoo kit!

The end!

The SAS'y Lady contest is now over! I didn't make the top 3 who were offered a spot in the store but I had fun and made some great kits! I am disabling the downloads now that the contest is over, you will find these in my store at very soon.

Congrats to the winners!

Friday, September 25, 2009

SAS'y Lady FINALS!!!

Thank you so much for voting for me!! It was close this time, there was a 3 way tie for 9th and 10th place so 11 contestants are in the final round.

This weeks challenge: "Create a kit. Your palette. Your name. You pick the size. This is all about you baby!"

Same guidelines as before! The Stone Accents Studios designers will be judging this time. All you need to do is download my creations and scrap your heart out! I just hope this flu thing or whatever bug I caught passes so I can do this! Off to get some sleep (darn cat) and brainstorm!

Round 4 kit will be due September 29, 2009 by 3:00 pm EST.
Round 4 voting will go up after all kits are submitted, in the Designers forum only.
Round 4 results will be posted
September 30, 2009 at 6:00 pm EST.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SAS'y Lady week 3 - time to vote (and a freebie)!

Ok, if you have been sitting on the fence about voting, NOW is the time! This is the last round of open voting. The top 10 are moving to the final round where the SAS Designers are choosing the top 3! My kit Autumn Fest is available for download in the Stone Accents Studios gallery, and while you are there please VOTE (for me!)and as promised, HERE are the leaf brushes! (Link is no longer valid!)You can see all the entries HERE
Register HERE
Voting ends at approximately 2:00 AM EST on September 24, 2009.

Thanks so much for your support! It's been fun and I hope you have enjoyed the kits from each challenge.

Autumn Fest - SAS-y Lady week 3

My latest entry "Autumn Fest" is available in the Stone Accents Studio Gallery for download! This was a very challenging color scheme to use, but I am please with how it turned out. There were no commercial use items used to create this kit. Come back after voting starts to download the leaf rubbing brushes!
I will post again tonight when the voting starts with the voting links and the freebie! Thanks again!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 3 (SAS-y Lady Design contest!)

Wow! I can't believe I made it!!! I was a little shaky that last round!! I gotta step it up a notch! Here's the color pallet for this week, it's a little bright! Should be interesting, I'm going to spend the day (at work LOL) brainstorming this one.... So here's the rules:
  • Same guidelines as previous rounds
  • Use the palette provided. Black & white may be added, if appropriate, as a supporting color.
  • Use the theme "Autumn Fest"
  • 3 papers, ALL must be unique, ALL should have a different pattern and texture.
  • 6 elements, ALL must be unique, 1 must be a cluster element (a clustered element using other elements may be considered unique)
  • NO CU items allowed
This is due September 22, 2009 by 3:00 pm EST and voting will start after all kits are submitted.

Thank you all for your support!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SAS'y Lady - my bff has a tail charms!

Thanks for all your votes! I have a few extra pieces that go with "my bff has a tail" you can download it from 4shared HERE

You can still download "my bff has a tail" at Stone Accent Studios and there is still time to vote!

Register Here
Go Here to Vote
Look at the other entries here
While you are voting, please vote for Shelbi too!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SAS'y Lady Week 2!

My kit is now up! Please vote for me if you like it. You can download it at Stone Accent Studios

Register Here
Go Here to Vote
Look at the other entries here
While you are voting, please vote for Shelbi too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

On to week 2 (SAS'y Lady!)

I made it to the second week!! Thanks for voting and downloading "Chill Out" Your comments mean a lot to me, now I want to see some layouts!

Week two is going to be interesting! We have been given one color - PINK! This looks pretty close to the pink in my kit "Lazy Daisy" so I have to work really hard to make something different! The theme is "Best Friends" and I already have some ideas (thanks LisaL!)
This weeks kit needs to have 3 or more colors, 8 papers (5 unique - not recolored) and 12 elements (8 unique) and it's due September 15 at 3 pm EST. I will be working at that time so you will find it uploaded and posted much earlier!

Thanks and see you soon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Chill Out Quick Page!

I made a few more parts to my "Chill Out" kit today and decided to create a quickpage for you. Here's a layout of my cutie :DHere's the quickpage!
You can grab the quick page from 4shared HERE it coordinates with "Chill Out"
which is still a FREE kit! You can pick it up at Stone Accent Studios while you are there, I would love it if you voted for me!

Register Here
Go Here to Vote
Look at the other entries here
While you are voting, please vote for Shelbi too!

Thanks so much, we find out who goes to the next round on Thursday!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

SAS'y Lady - Chill Out and Shiny Thing Freebie!

I have a blog freebie "Shiny Things" which contains those little copper charms and wire bits as well as silver and blue metal. They go with my mini kit "Chill Out" (shadows are for the preview only). You can download them from 4shared HERE! (Link is no longer valid!) You can pick up the mini kit at the Stone Accents Studio Gallery, HERE
I have a few more freebies this week, so keep watching this space! Also, the voting is not up yet, but I will add a link when it is. Please vote for me! You can vote HERE (you have to register for the forum to vote) Thanks, I really appreciate it! Please throw a vote for my good friend Shelbi too, she's a little down the list from me! Thanks!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

SAS'y Lady Week 1!

I'm done! And a day early. I still have to get my kit uploaded to 4shared, I will post again when it's in the gallery. I am really excited about it and wanted to share the previews.
I have a blog freebie coming up too "Shiny Things" which contains those little copper charms and wire bits. I'll be posting that tomorrow too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's started!

Stone Accent Studio's Designer contest has started! The first challenge is to make a mini kit with 2 -4 papers and 5 - 8 embellishments. One of the embellishments must be a cluster. There was no theme specified, I think I've come up with a good one! This is the color swatch we were given:
And we were given some styles to use in our kit:
I have so many ideas for this, I wrote down a list with WAY more than 8 embellishments on it! Do you know what this means for you? FREEBIES! Keep watching this space, I'm sure you will like what you see! Oh, and a dear friend of mine has decided to try her hand at designing and joined this contest too! I'll be sure to point you in the direction of her blog and freebies as well.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stone Accent Studio's SAS'y Lady Design Contest Starts Sept 1

I'm in another contest! Starting September 1 and it should be exciting! This is going to be one crazy month for me. Tyler starts grade one and I am switching my shifts at work from evenings to days. I've been working evenings for about 5 years (a little maternity leave in there) so this is a HUGE change! Alex will be heading to daycare, which should be fine since he goes there 2 mornings a week already. On top of all this, my office is making a major move across the city at the end of September. I'm hoping the only change I see is where I go to work since it's happening on a Saturday.

I've been working on some new digi kits, I had lost my mojo with all the stress of the shift change, but it's BACK!! Now to just find a little time to get things done.

Have a great weekend, see you September 1 when the contest starts!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lazy Daisy winner!

Looks like DaisyDilly (Vicki) is the winner! :D The correct guess what a bathtub mat. I LOVE photoshop! I'm amazed at the results of random experiments.

Vicki, I don't have your email address, can you email me at cpoolie at gmail dot com so I can send you the coupon code for your prize.

Thanks for playing and I'm looking forward to seeing your layouts!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My first kit will be in Scrap Bird shortly!

Just wanted to give you a peek at my new mini-kit, it should be up in the store shortly!Don't forget to grab the Designer Survivor freebies, the download links will expire soon!

I decided I'm going to have a contest, the first person to comment with the correct answer wins this kit! If no one gets the right answer by noon central time on Wednesday I will use to draw a winner!
The question is: What did I use to made the dot pattern on the pink paper?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Designer Survivor week 2 - Bug Bites and Rainy Nights

Week 2 kits are UP! You can find the download links for each team at Brownie Scraps. The theme was camping, a fun kit to make! The challenge was each team member needed something actually from nature. Here's my bit:
and here is the complete kit created by my fabulous team!
I also need to add a special thanks to Crys, she had to drop out of the competition due to a family emergency. Her items are included, she will be missed from our team!