Friday, August 28, 2009

Stone Accent Studio's SAS'y Lady Design Contest Starts Sept 1

I'm in another contest! Starting September 1 and it should be exciting! This is going to be one crazy month for me. Tyler starts grade one and I am switching my shifts at work from evenings to days. I've been working evenings for about 5 years (a little maternity leave in there) so this is a HUGE change! Alex will be heading to daycare, which should be fine since he goes there 2 mornings a week already. On top of all this, my office is making a major move across the city at the end of September. I'm hoping the only change I see is where I go to work since it's happening on a Saturday.

I've been working on some new digi kits, I had lost my mojo with all the stress of the shift change, but it's BACK!! Now to just find a little time to get things done.

Have a great weekend, see you September 1 when the contest starts!

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