Sunday, August 2, 2009

Making a go at digital scrapbook designing!

Here it is! I decided to create a blog to showcase my digital designs! I'm trying to find a spot designing in an online store and learning a lot along the way! This is my kit called "Northern Zoo" Living up in Manitoba, our Zoo doesn't have an elephant or a giraffe. I decided to create a collection with a few northern animals. It's great for camping trips too! I do have some more ideas for it and will probably keep adding as I have time! I really like things to look like they are paper scrapped with lots of texture and details to fool the eye.
Keep watching my blog, I missed the sign ups for Designer Survivor at Brownie Scraps but I decided to play along and make a mini kit anyway. The first challenge is posted Enchanted Studio Scraps and the theme is Dr. Seuss Books: whimsical, quirky, fun, childish with this color swatch:
I love these bright colors! I already have 3 solids done (2 versions of each!) and a bunch of ideas. My kit name is "The Mouse in my House" named after my cat who just happens to be named Mouse. I will be working on dog version too, but I haven't come up with a quirky name yet. Anyway, I will put some stuff up as freebies soon enough.

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